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It's been a long time.

It's really been a long time since I last saw my account. I was shocked seeing that my last post was 3 years ago. I won't blame others if they don't remember me already, haha.

It was really hard, na? Being a college student. 3 years ago I would never thought it'd would be this long for my next post to come. That's why I'm pretty glad that we were give a 4-month vacation this year.

I used the first 2 months of my vacation watching jdoramas. It was totally worth it.

And now I'll be using the next 2 months of my leisure time to cope up with news about Hey! Say! JUMP! and Arashi. Yatta~

Hopefully, I'll be more active in the fandom within this vacation.


Uwaaaaa uwaaaaaa uwaaaaaaa uwaaaaaa ! XDD I really can't get over Hey Say JUMP - OVER ! XDDD LoL . it's ssoooooooooo cooool ! B) agree ? haha . :]]]

` I just so love it . I'm so excited to watch the PV Making . demou ....

ENGLISH SUBBERS HELP ME ! XDD since I'm not good in Japanese . I can't understand a thing . T^T *cries cries*

` soooo to those kind-hearted subbers , I want to wait patiently if you'll be subbing the Making . :)) haha .
` and about AI-ING AISHITERU ! GOSH ! their aishiteru is suuuuperb ! I so love it . but Yuri and Kei's aishiteru seems different . ==' I mean their voice seems different . haha . o well , I still like it even though it looked like a fanvid . XDDD

` SHARING MY OPINION . :P LONG TIME NO POST . haha . :'''''''''''>

May. 9th, 2011

Title: Birthday Disaster
Author: YUi CHAN [ME]
Pairings: Yamada x JUMP [Friendship]
Summary: JUMP will organize a party for Yamada.
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Drama, Friendship
Disclaimer: I do not own any of them. xD I just own my weird imagination. :D

“Guys, I just called Yama-chan and he’ll be coming here any minute now with Yu –what happened here?!” Chii’s sentence was suddenly cut when he saw what happened to the venue of Yamada’s surprised birthday party. It was a disaster! The 3-layered cake was ruined and some of its icing was spilled in the gifts and even in the JUMP members itself. The banner that Kei is currently doing was spilled with paint. The gifts were unarranged and the lights at the venue are also affected.

“Gomenasai. It’s my entire fault because I tripped and spilled the cake in the gifts.” Ryutaro explained.

“Iie, it’s my entire fault because the lights suddenly had defects. I guess I haven’t fixed it properly.” Hikaru said.

What really happened is when the lights went out, Ryu and Daiki was currently holding the cake and was about to transfer it to the table when Ryutaro tripped because he can’t see a thing. Daiki, while holding the other side of the cake, was pulled by Ryutaro and went out of balance. On the other hand, Kei was currently doing the banner for Yama-chan when the lights went off and when Ryutaro and Daiki fell, they accidentally pushed the paint that was spilled in the banner.

“It’s no one’s fault. No need to blame yourself, guys. I’ll just call and tell Yuto about this.” Chii said and got his phone from his pocket. He dialed Yuto’s number but no one answers. He decided to just message him the situation.

“And I thought everything will work out as planned.” He sat and sighed heavily.


“Okay, so is everything planned now?” Chinen asked the whole JUMP members. Well, except for his best friend, Yamada Ryosuke. They were currently thinking of what should they do for Yamada’s birthday which is coming very soon. Chii was the one who wanted to surprise Yamada for his birthday, so he asked the help of the other members.
“Hai!” the 8 remaining members shouted.

“Okay, let me repeat the tasks na.” he said and looked at his small notebook.

“Ryutaro and Daiki, you’ll be assigned in getting the cake.” Chii said looking at the two. The two nodded.

“Inoo-chan, you’ll be the one to decorate the venue, together with Yabu-kun and Hika-chan.” He said.

“Hai hai!” Inoo replied and gave thumbs up.

“Keito and Takaki-kun will be the emcee for the party.” He said and the two gave him a nod.

“Okay, and Yuto and I will think of a plan to have Yama-chan in the surprise party whether he likes it or not.” He said and smiled.

“So, minna, ganbatte ne!” he added.

“Un, Fight-O!” Daiki said and everyone nodded in agreement.


“I need to do something.” He said determinedly. He thought of a simple way for them to celebrate Yamada’s birthday, even without a nice venue, a 3-layered strawberry cake or a pretty banner.

“Ne, guys, I’ll be out for a while na. I’ll be back in just a few minutes!” Chii said and ran towards the exit before the members could ask where he would go at this time.


“Where are we really going Yuto?” Yamada asked curiously.

“Just wait and see, Yama-chan.” Yuto said and grinned. While they were walking, he decided to message Chii so that he’ll be ready when they arrived. Then he saw 5 missed calls from Chii and 1 message. He didn’t noticed that he’s phone was in silent mode all the time. When he finished reading Chii’s message, his face went pale.

‘Uh-Oh. What should we do now? We’re near the venue, what will he think if he saw that our surprise was a disaster?’ Yuto thought.
“Ne, Yuto, why did you stop? Is everything okay? You looked pale.” He said, worrying about his friend.

“Be-betsuni. Ikou?” he said and smiled fakely.

They walked for almost five minutes until they have reached their destination. Yuto, hesitantly opened the door slowly. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see what happened to the venue.

“Woah, what happened here?” Yuto heard Yamada asked. He slowly opened his eyes revealing the disaster that was made earlier. They slowly walked towards the other members.

“Gomenasai, looks like we ruined the surprise party.” Daiki said and sighed.

“It’s my entire fault. Gomen.” Hikaru said and looked down and the other members bowed. After a few seconds, they looked up to see Yamada’s expression. He was shocked but yet a small smile formed in his lips. The members were confused.
“It’s okay.” Yamada said.

Then suddenly, Yamada went at the part where the cake fell and the icing was all over the place. Then he saw the paint that was spilled in the banner. He walked towards it and saw the unfinished banner closely.

“You did all of this for me?” he said and looked at them.

The others just gave a nod.

“Yuri planned all of this.” Yuto said.

Yamada’s smile grew bigger.

“Chotto, then where is he?” he said and looked around, looking for Chii.

“YAMA-CHAAAAAAN ~!!!!” they heard someone shouting at the door.

They looked around and saw Chii, running towards their direction. He stopped in front of Yamada.

“Go -*pant*-men. *pant* the cake *pant* was destroyed so *pant* I just bought another one. *pant* but it’s smaller than *pant* the first.” He said while panting. 

He gave Yama-chan a small box that reveals a small strawberry cake. Yamada smiled.

“Arigatou, Chii. Arigatou, minna. Demou, actually you don’t need to do so much just for my birthday. It’s too much hassle. And I’m happy just to celebrate it with you guys. No need so much effort na. But thanks a lot. I really appreciate that.” He said and smiled.

You can really see that he’s really happy. The other members felt relieved knowing that even though their surprise party was a disaster, Yamada still appreciates their hard work.

“Yokatta. And I thought you’ll be disappointed and Chii will get mad at us because of this.” Hikaru said. The others nodded.

“And at least we remembered your birthday unlike my 18th birthday. Hehe.” Kei said to make the atmosphere brighter.

The other members looked at him.

“Do you hold grudge at us, Inoo-chan?” Yuya asked remembering the time when he forgot Inoo’s birthday.

“Why? Are you that affected Takaki?” he said and smiled at him.

The other members just laughed.

‘This will be one of the most memorable birthdays in my life.’ Yamada thought while looking at the happy group.

A/N: Real sorry. I’m not good at fics and I kind of rush this one. >^< Hontou ni gomen. Demou, I’ll try my best for the other fics na. ^o^
If you don’t know what happened to Kei’s 18th birthday and you want to know, please leave a comment about it and I’ll post the printscreens about it. X3

` Exchange of Hearts

Title: Exchange of Hearts
Author: ilovekeiinoo
Pairing: YabuNoo
Rating: G
Summary: Inoo, a super duper ultimate fan of the boy band named BEST, is madly in love with the BEST’s guitarist, Yaotome Hikaru. But what will happen if one day, she meets them. Will his dreams come true? Or will he find another love that’ll replace his love for Hikaru?
A/N : Bad at summary. >.< GOMEN, this is my first time posting so I don't know if I have obeyed all the rules. Please correct me if I'm wrong.. >.< Kei, Daiki, Yamada and Shoon are girls here ~
Disclaimer : I don’t own any of them. 
Chapter 9: WANTED: Boyfriend
‘Tsk. I hate them both. Yabu is an idiot who can’t tell his true feelings. Shoon is a Yabu’s-girlfriend-wanna-be. They are both annoying. My poor best friend is really hurt, but Hikaru is always there for her. Good thing he…likes her.’ Daiki thought and sighed. Yeah, she is happy that her friend has someone to lean on but, she sometimes feels sad. Now, she knew what Kei feels whenever she sees Shoon and Yabu together.

As she looks at her classmates, she saw many couples. She saw Yamada outside at the door with Chinen, laughing. When she looked at the opposite side, she saw Yuma with Kento. She sighed. ‘When will I get my own boyfriend?’

“Dai-chan?” she heard someone called her. She looked up and saw Hikaru.

“Doushite?” she said and smiled faintly.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” he said and put his hand in her forehead. He looked worried. Daiki blushed slightly. She removed Hikaru’s hand and smiled.

“Daijoubu. How’s Kei?” She asked. Hikaru sat down and sighed.

“She’s fine. I confessed.” He said. I froze. My heart broke a little.

“What…what did she said?” I asked.

“‘I deserve someone better’, maybe she’s right, ne? You, know, when she dumped me, it didn’t hurt that much.” he said casually. Obviously, it didn’t hurt. Daiki felt relieved.

“Maybe I was just infatuated. Ne, Dai-chan, have you ever fall in love?” He asked curiously.

“EH?? uhm. Erm. I think?” she said nervously.

“Hontou ka? To whom?” Hikaru asked.

“To, erm, someone?” she said. Hikaru looked at her for a moment and laughed.

“Haha. Is it private? It’s okay ne. Just tell me who he is whenever you can.” He said and smiled widely.

“Gomen. Demo, I can tell you his traits ne.” She said.

‘Yosh, this is my chance. Maybe he’ll figure it out if I told him this way.’ Daiki thought.

“Oh, okay okay, then I’ll guess. I love guessing.” Hikaru said.

“Well, first, he’s…he’s good at singing.” She said.

“Oh, is he a celebrity?” He asked.

“Hai!” I replied.

“EH? Don’t tell me he’s…” he said.

‘He’s going to say it.’ Daiki thought and closed her eyes.

“Chinen?!” he exclaimed.

“Ha- eh? Iie iie. It’s not Chii!” She said, almost shouting.

“Eh? Then who could it be? Another trait please.” He said, looking at Dai-chan.

“Erm, he knows how to play guitars.” She said. Hikaru looked with a shocked face.

‘Atlast! He’s gonna say it.’ She thought.

“Don’t tell me,” Hikaru said.

“You like Yabu?” Hikaru said while Daiki said, “Hai! I do.” That made their sentence in chorus.

“Eh? Yabu? Yada! No way would I fall for that guy!” she said and took back her words.

‘This guy is denser than I thought.’ She thought and sighed.

“Then who is he?” he asked.

“A ‘baka’ guy. He’s dense. A childish guy that is occasionally selfish inside.” Daiki said and looked at the different side.

“Eh? How can you say that if you really love him?” he said, stubbornly.
“Because even though he have all those traits, I still love him.” She replied.

“Aw, how sweet of you Dai-chan, he must be really lucky ne? Well, does he know about your feelings?” Hikaru asked.

“Yeah, he’s really lucky but he’s so dense that he can’t even get what I’m trying to say to him.” Dai-chan said a little irritated.

“EH!? That dense? I never thought someone could be that slow.” Hikaru said, thinking.

“Oh, whatever!” Daiki said with an annoyed look and walked out.

“Eh? What’s her problem? Chotto matte! I wanna guess who he is!” Hikaru said but Daiki didn’t even looked back. And that was the time Kei entered the room.

“Eh? Where’s Daic-han?” Kei asked to Hikaru.

“I dunno, she just left.” He replied.

“Hm, where’s that girl?” Kei asked to herself.

On the other hand..

“Argh! I hate him! He’s super dense!” Daiki said and walked towards the rooftop. She walked towards the side of it and inhaled deeply.

“Maybe if I have a boyfriend, I can forget about him.” She said.

“That’s it! My goal is to have a boyfriend!” she shouted!

A/N : The next chapters will be HikDai parts na . ^^ Currently working on the InooBu part. 

Happy Birthday, Yuya Takaki !

 Yay ! It's Yuya's birthday ne ! ^-^ I'm sure Onee-chan is excited ! c: Hoho . I wanted to do a oneshot for Yuya demo , this week was super tiring. >< Exams , Clearance and Practices for our presentations . >< Gomen Gomen . :(

Demo , I wanna greet him a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Yuya-nii was the first guy I knew from JUMP. That time , I didn't even knew he was a singer. Demo , I really really liked him ! so so so much !! :]

A Message For Yuya :
[Even Though He Won't see this . LoL]
---- > Yuya-kun ! Otanjoubi Omedetou ! ^^ hope you have a great great day ahead of you ! We, your fans love you so much ne ! ^^ And we will keep on supporting you and JUMP , until the end  ! :] Ganbatte ne ! <3 <3 more love from us ! 

Here's my simple gift for you ne ~ ^^

A Proud Fan

 I know that most of us have seen or watched the Music Station yesterday ne ?

Have you felt their performance ? 

For me , I felt like I was about to cry. Seeing Yuri-kun and Yama-chan, I felt happy that they are safe, demo, I felt sad, seeing that they looked lonely and problematic. When I saw Yuri-kun , I really thought that he cried for so long. His eyes looked really tired. His face looked so pale. I was really really worried about them. And Yama-kun, he looked like he a very heavy problem. He's so serious. Even though he smiled, I still felt like he was really sad inside. I became sad that moment too. And of course, Yuma-kun. Just like the two of them, he looked tired.

I felt really sad thinking that I can't do anything to make them happy and at the same time, I was PROUD. Proud to be one of their fan. Bacause , they were so professional, performing Yuuki 100% just to make their fans happy even though they know that they too, have their own problems. I was really proud to be a JUMPer.

erm .. haha . gomene . ^^'

 Gomene, I don't know if I'll still continue my fanfic ne. ><
DEMO, I'll try , finishing it but not now.

I hope my reasons are excused.

1. We have to review for National Secondary School Achievement Test.
2. Too many Projects (even though it's the start of our last grading, our teachers gave our Projects in advance so that we don't need to rush.).
3. I wanna focus on my studies right now. 'cause I just ranked as Top 15 (just imagine from Top 26 to top 15) and I want it to be higher than that (as much as possible, I wanna be in top 10).

Demo, in exchange to that, I'll try my best in creating a oneshot fics. Actually, I wanna do InooBu, YamaChii, OkaJima, HikaNoo and HikaDai fics.

gomene again . *bows*


A little bit too late </3

A/N : This is an old fanfic created by me .. It's not a JUMP-fic demo it can be one ne .. hoho .. hope you'll like this ~ ^^ 

Title: A little bit too late
Author: Ilovekeiinoo
Pairing: InooBu
A/N: Actually, this fanfic is an InooBu fic demo because of the flow of story, I made the characters different. It is really hard to make an oneshot. ><
The original charcters:

Hi, this is Yuka, an ordinary college student who is madly in love with her best friend, Tomo, but just like another normal love story he loves someone, and that someone is, tantaranan, none other than, Yuna, our childhood friend.

Well, actually I’m happy now that Tomo is happy; I just want to accept the fact that he likes someone else and not me. I want them to be happy, I don’t want to bother them, too, that’s why I didn’t said that I’m in love with him, and all of this sentimental and emotional secrets of mine are only known by none other than Jun, my bestest friend also. Well, actually, he confessed to me and I really am thankful because he is the one who helped me forget about him and now, he’s my boyfriend but I still don’t forget about Tomo. Oh and here he comes.

“Hey, Yuka, what are you thinking just now?”

“Betsuni. Let’s go?” I said and stood up. I saw him pout, but I still ignored that and walked.


“Yuka, aishite imasu.” He said and gave me a peck on the cheeks. I just nod at him. It feels weird but whenever he says that, I feel very happy but I can’t tell him “I love him too”. Not even a word came out into my mouth.

“Yuka, we have dated for almost 3 moths but you still didn’t tell me about your feelings.” I looked at him. Sadness was seen in his face. I went closer and rubbed his cheeks with my right hand, and looked at him closely. I saw him blushed. Then, I let go.

After that day, the day that he asked me of what I felt about him, he became more lively and clingy. He’s always here beside me for the past few days. Well, it’s not that I hate it but it’s too much.
“Yuka, can you do a favor for me?” he asked me out of the blue. I just nod. That’s the only way I can repay him.
“Please always be happy. Even if I’m not right beside you, promise me you’ll be happy.” He said. I just gave him a confused look. What is he talking about? I felt like I was stabbed directly from the heart. Am I hurt because I learned to love him?
“Aishite imasu.” He once again said. I just nod. He smiled at me.

“Until now, you’re still the same Yuka that I have met.” He said and smiled at me.

What was Jun talking about a while ago? It’s as if he’s leaving me. The stabbing sensation I felt a while ago came back. It hurts and worst, I don’t know why. Then I stopped at a convenience store and saw Tomo and Yuna being lovey-dovey and such. I smiled. What a sweet couple. I was shocked at what I thought. I didn’t feel any hatred to them at all. Not even jealousy. Maybe, I forgot about him now. Maybe it’s because of Jun.

That night, I went at Jun’s house, to tell him I love him and to say that I’ll cherish him forever. I’m a real idiot to only realize it now. I ran and ran until I arrived at their house. I quickly knocked at their door but no one answered me. I just went home and decided to confess to him tomorrow.

When I got home, my mom looked at me and quickly signed me to go closer to her.

“Okaa-san, what’s the problem?” I asked, I’m a bit worried of what she’ll say.

“It’s about Jun.” She said.

“What about him?” I asked. She looked at me with a sad face.

“He’s…he’s in the hospital, he was caught in an accident before he got home.” She said. I just stared at her. Is she lying? That’s a joke, right?

“Is that…is that true? That’s not even a good joke, Okaa-san” I said. She just shook her head.

I quickly stood up and ran outside our house. I’ll go to where Jun is, I’ll make sure he’s fine.

When I arrived at the hospital, I saw his mom, crying. I walked towards her and asked.

“Obaa-san, where is Jun?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled bitterly.

“Your name was the last words he was saying before he died, he was caught in an accident when he suddenly ran to get this at the middle of the road.” She said and presented to me a small box.

“I think this is for you.” She said. I slowly get the box from her hands and opened it. I saw a ring and a letter inside it. I opened the note and read it.


Yo, Yuka-chan. Happy Monthsary to you. Haha. Actually this time I’ll be saying goodbye and thank you. I want to say thank you, for everything, for giving me the chance to be with you even for the shortest time. Thanks for accepting me, and goodbye, because I’ll be leaving you. Sorry, I think you still love Tomo. I’ll leave you not because I was hurt or I’ve had enough. I’ll be leaving because I think you are better off without me. You still love him, don’t you? Don’t worry, I understand. Maybe that’s true love because I also have this someone I really really love and even though she doesn’t love me, I still continue on loving her for the rest of my life.

So that’s it. Thank you for everything and I’m sorry if I’ll just leave you like this.

Aishite imasu, Yuka.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jun Kazama

I burst out in tears. It was too late, too late to say my feelings, too late to tell him I love him, too late to hug him tightly and kiss him, too late for everything.

I ran to his room and saw him lying there. I walked closer and looked at his angelic face. He only looked like he was sleeping. He has this smile in his face.

“Hey, Jun, wake up. I still need to tell you something. You need to wake up. Even just for a while. Just listen to me. 5 minutes is enough for me. Just look at me and listen carefully.” I cried while pulling him.

“Jun, you need to listen!” I said and pulled him more. I kneeled down at him and looked at his face.

“Aishite imasu.” I said and burst in tears.

A/N : Yatta ! exams are over !!!!!!! I can continue my fanfic now. Demo, I'm kinda having a writer's block right now. >< tasukete ! gomen gomen . demo I'll try finishing atleast one chapter until next week. Hope you keep on supproting my fic ne ~ SANKYUUUUU !

Okay ~ and this is so annoying

Sorry for this post, guys. I just want to express my feelings and this is the only way I can express it right now.

First, this is not a fanfic. But there's a note about my fanfic at the last part ne ~
Second, this is not related to HSJ.
And third, it's about what happened to me this day and also a note in my fanfic.

Okay, this is what happened.

We had our Unit Test [part 1] in English and our teacher gave us a weird question: Her full name including her middle name. Anyone who gets it correct will have an additional 10 points. As usual, all of us wanted to have the 10 points so we panicked.

After for almost 10 minutes or so, it's our T.L.E time so my teacher went out of our room. I passed my paper even though I didn't right any answer about the last question.

Some of my classmates went out of our room and followed our English teacher. They were so noisy in the corridor and when they entered the room, they're still noisy. They didn't noticed that our adviser is at the back, looking at us. Until for about 5 minutes, we became quiet.

Our adviser told us to just read our book. Of course, we all read our book, but I read my book from the very first lesson in our 3rd grading.

We didn't know that our adviser will give us a surprise quiz as a punishment for being noisy. He asked us questions about our last topic. Almost all of us were shocked.

And, most of us got failing grades. Like me, I got 64. Dang! Can you imagine that? What kind of grade is 64? I really cried after that.

Here's the annoying part:
I failed a surprise quiz which is actually a punishment because we are noisy but, I am not noisy so why did I have t get this? I cried because of my grade. I felt so small.

Here's the realization thingy:
I really got mad to those who went out in the room. But then, I realized, it's no ones fault. I don't want to have a surprise quiz and my classmates doesn't expect that kind of punishment. Our adviser did that for us to learn, so maybe it's part of growing up. xD I mean, learning new things, experiencing new things, having a hard punishment, failing grades, everything. So now, I'm not mad anymore, and I don't really know who were the ones who went out because they are too many so I'll just let it pass.

About the fanfic:
Okay, maybe I can't post my fanfic this weekend. We have our exams coming soon. I need to concentrate on my studies more. But when I'm free, that'll be the first thing in my list. ^^ And thanks for supporting my fanfic.